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What Kind of Manager are You?

I've worked with multiple managers and leaders over the course of my 8 years coaching, training, and leading in Corporate organisations. During this time I have identified 4 distinct styles of Middle Manager: The Accelerator, The Cheerleader, The Muskateer, and The Accurist 
Take my Middle Manager scorecard to learn which style you are and learn the steps to be even better, happier, and more successful. Because being a manager shouldn't be 💩

Lisa Robyn Wood
The Middle Manager Coach 

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Lisa Robyn Wood is The Middle Manager Coach and founder of GRIP Coaching Limited. Lisa is a qualified professional coach, experienced business leader, manager, entrepreneur, & podcaster


I am a qualified professional Coach with Diplomas in Corporate & Executive Coaching and Personal Performance Coaching, a Practitioner Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and a Practitioner Certificate in DISC personality profiling - all from The Coaching Academy, London, approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


I have worked in leadership and middle management positions for over 15 years, in both Hospitality and across large corporate UK B2B brands; including British Gas, EnergyQuote JHA, and Suntory GB & I (previously Lucozade Ribena Suntory), and within a wide range of departments - customer services, operations, and sales.

In my various leadership roles I have supported my team and my wider organisation through coaching which included coaching at all levels up to Executive. Now I support middle managers and leaders all over the World, in a variety of industries, to enable them to be even better at what they do and in a way which can support them to enjoy their careers. Being a manager shouldn't be sh*t and I'm here to prove that!


GRIP coaching is suitable for:


  • Personal development and performance 

  • Career progression and promotion

  • Career transition - including returning to work from long periods of absence e.g. maternity or paternity leave 

  • Overcoming and resolving personal challenges (non-medical)

  • Team development 

  • Change management (people)


If you feel like something isn't quite right and you want to fix it to feel great again about what you do, or you're feeling stuck and unsure of the right way forward, then let's have a chat.




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​Learn more about me via my latest social media posts on LinkedIn and Instagram or by listening to my podcast The Coaching Cast, as featured in PodBible and ThI Paper. Available to listen on all major podcast platforms and YouTube. 

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The GRIP Experience

The GRIP Experience

During our time together, I will work with you to define and achieve your goals. 


The GRIP experience will include learning and understanding:


  • Your value and belief systems

  • Your strengths and skills

  • Your challenges

  • Your wants

  • The right actions to take for you - what, how, and when

  • Your capabilities and propensity for success

  • More about yourself


Every individual, team and business is different, therefore I cannot tell you now what we will work on, what I will cover with you, or what you will experience. What I can tell you, and what I will guarantee, is that I will listen to you, tailor the content and the experience to best suit you, and support the delivery of the outcomes you want to see.


The GRIP experience is all about you!


“Lisa asked questions in both the face to face sessions and follow up calls which really made me think and challenged why and how I would do things so I ended up with clear actions. It was all really interesting, insightful and useful. Lisa is really enthusiastic about what she does…and left me feeling exactly the same way!”


Laura, British Medical Journal, London

What is Involved

  • Time, support, and experience from an individual who has worked in management and leadership positions across various industries for over 15 years

  • Free initial consultation – a quick chat to find out more about one another, what you're looking for, and whether GRIP is right for you

  • Personal 1-2-1 Coaching: Four package types - Clarity, Focused, Midterm and Nurture: 

    • Clarity Hour - 1 Hour to Get Clear on What You Want & How You're Going to Get It

    • Focused - A package of 3 sessions recommended over 6-8 weeks. Focused coaching on a specific area; suitable if you have a challenge to resolve now, or an immediate goal you want to achieve

    • Midterm - A package of 6 sessions recommended over 6 months. If you want a plan to take action over a short to medium timeframe then choose this package to give you greater support for an extended period. 

    • Nurture - 1 year of coaching support; 12 sessions over 12 months. This is suitable for you if you want ongoing coaching help and support with long-term, ongoing goals in your career, and want someone by your side to facilitate, challenge, and expand your thinking  â€‹

    • If you can't see what you're looking for, lets have a chat and shape together a package that is right for you

  • DISC Personality Profiling - report and analysis supported with coaching to help you better understand yourself and those around you, to strengthen and improve relationships effectively

  • Group/Team Coaching and Training: Full daily sessions at the location of your choice; bespoke content created with you, for you and your team

  • Simple theory – none of this is rocket science. It is about enabling you to know what you do not know now. You are the key tool required in the process.

  • Easy exercises – to encourage and support your thinking and explore new ideas and possibilities.

  • Memorable and transferable models – that you can use again and again.

  • All sessions are private and confidential – nothing will be shared outside of our time together 



The more you want to achieve and the more honest and open you are, the more you will experience success. The level of success you achieve is dependent on you but I will be there every step of the way to help you.


Anticipated outcomes for you (not an exhaustive list):


  • Greater understanding of yourself (and your team, and they of themselves) – your strengths, your opportunities, your values, and your beliefs

  • Greater self-belief

  • Tangible and measurable plans to achieve your goals

  • Repeatable methods and exercises to be successful again, and again and again

  • Increase in success – success being dependent on what you want to achieve at the beginning of the GRIP process and the actions you choose to take during our time together

  • An increase in job satisfaction and wellbeing

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