What grip client's think

here is what a few of grip's clients think about their experience

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Kim, Talent Manager, Suntory GB&I

" [...] You demonstrate passion, professionalism and judge amounts of expertise in every interaction whether this be with our employees in training sessions, in 1:1 coaching sessions or in scoping sessions [...]

One of the things I appreciated most about the time I’ve spent working with you is how you bring your broader knowledge into play – by that I mean the years you’ve spent in various roles within large organisations has given you a clear picture of some of the common ‘sticking points’ employees may have across their careers and therefore, are able to partner this with your expert technical knowledge [...] You are incredibly easy to get along with & quick to build relationships [...] 


The other thing I really value in you [Lisa] is your honesty – you say it how it is. This is truly refreshing & again, is such a fantastic attribute to have in a coach.


I would very happily partner you with employees from across any function, seniority or stage within their career. Personally, I have seen people really excel from a confidence point of view after coaching sessions with you & it is fantastic to see how this plays out back in the day to day working environment."

Charlotte, insurance Claims specialist -personal coaching

"Working with Lisa has been a fantastic experience, it has forced me to make time for myself and focused my mind on my own career goals.


Lisa has helped me to understand the skills I would bring to the role and made me realise that my age and experience would be an asset.  By asking questions, setting me tasks and forcing me to think she has really smoothed my transition back to work.


I would highly recommend Lisa as a coach, she is insightful and knowledgeable but also funny and relaxed"

Keeley,HR Business partner, Hsbc - Personal coaching

"You helped me with finding my confidence again and understanding my personal strengths and how I could turn these into real USP’s when it comes to my personal branding…


[You are] straight talking, challenging, yet very understanding and supportive; […]


I really enjoyed it and found it so refreshing and uplifting."

Sara, Solicitor - Personal coaching

"Lisa coached me to identify my core values and the ongoing skills required to incorporate those values into personal and professional goal setting.


Lisa provided a very welcoming, supportive and encouraging environment and has an excellent ability to listen and not only summarise what you are saying but identify the meaning behind it.  


Lisa has a friendly but direct approach that makes her an amazing facilitator.  I really enjoyed our sessions and often found myself thinking about them and the questions posed long after they had finished.  I would really recommend Lisa to anyone looking to improve their career fulfilment and ultimately achieve greater success.”

Alexandra, field Sales manager, Suntory GB&I - personal coaching

"By having coaching sessions with Lisa, I've been able to set myself a goal that I feel strongly about and have a clear plan of how I'll achieve my goal.


Lisa enabled me to get to the root of my development area, and I now have a real understanding of the drivers behind my behaviours, as well as actions to help me as coping mechanisms in difficult situations.


From a long term perspective, this root cause understanding will help me to achieve my goals as I develop inside & outside of the work environment." 

Laura, marketing manager,

British medical journal - team coaching

“Lisa asked questions in both the face to face session and follow up calls which really made me think and challenged why and how I would do things so I ended up with clear actions.


It was all really interesting, insightful and useful. Lisa is really enthusiastic about what she does…and left me feeling exactly the same way!”

Scott, Project manager, SAGA
- Personal coaching

"This was my first time being coached and I could not have had a better experience with it.


[...] Lisa aided me in setting out small journeys/goals that needed to be completed in a mutually agreed time frame, along with clearly identifying what my ‘wants’ [were] within my next role [...]. With this new information, we set out a clear path with guidelines of how I was going to approach job searching in the coming weeks.


I could not recommend Lisa enough for all the help she has provided me, one of the most enjoyable things I found whilst being coached, is Lisa managed to turn my negative experience of job searching, into a highly positive one that enabled me to gain interviews and sit down talks with many companies along with boosting my self-confidence throughout my coaching experience."