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What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a tool to empower individuals to achieve their goals. It is set up and managed by a Coach who will work with the Client to support them to achieve what they want. It is forward-focused, solutions based, and action orientated.

What is Coaching not?

Coaching is not about being given advice or being told what to do. It is not counselling or mentoring. It is not medical.

How do I know if Coaching is right for me?


  • Do you feel that there is more to your life, and that there is more to be achieved, but you are unsure how to get it?

  • Do you feel unfulfilled? Do you feel that you have yet to fulfil your potential? 

  • Is there a gap between where you are now, and where you want to be?

  • Do you feel you can’t, or that you don’t have the skills, experience, or confidence to be successful?

  • Do you feel stuck or lost?

  • Do you feel ready to focus on you, and what you want?

  • Are you prepared to be challenged and stretched?

  • Are you willing to try new things and test new ideas?

  • Are you ready to act and to be accountable for getting what you want?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then Coaching is definitely right for you.

What can I expect?


Different Coaches use different models to structure their sessions, and will utilise different exercises depending on the Client and what is right for them, and what they want to achieve.

A popular model, and the model I will use, is GROW. This acronym represents the process we will follow together, and the areas we will explore – Goal, Reality, Options, and Will.


GROW supports specific goal setting, clarity of thinking, and the initiation of action to move forward. I will ask you questions, and facilitate exercises, to challenge and deepen your thinking, and will listen actively throughout with no judgement, to enable you to reach your own conclusions, and to develop the right actions for you. I will not offer you any advice or tell you what to do – you have all the answers.


If you commence the coaching sessions and it is deemed that coaching is not the correct support mechanism for you at this moment in time, I will discuss this with you directly to find a suitable solution to support your onward journey.


What does a typical coaching session look like?


I support coaching face to face, where practically possible, over video call e.g. Skype, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, and via the telephone. The format of the sessions will be agreed between myself, and the Client, and scheduled in advance to suit both parties.


Coaching sessions last approximately 1 hour and will be managed by me throughout. The below offers an example of a typical 1 hour session:

1.    Review the previous session and the actions that you completed (if previous session has been held)

2.    Set the goal for that session

3.    Consider where you are at the present moment with this goal

4.    Consider your options in meeting this goal

5.    Agree on some actions

6.    Summarise the session before completing the session.


I recommend at least 3 sessions per person across a 6-8 week period. Sessions can be paid for individually or packages are available. 


I offer a free introductory call to make the initial connection, explore the Client’s intentions for the coaching, check suitability – of the subject for the coaching, and whether I am the right Coach for the individual – and to agree desired outcomes. The coaching will only commence once both myself, and the Client, agree to proceed and the GRIP Coaching Agreement has been reviewed and signed.


Who else will know what has been said?


All coaching with me will be private and confidential and nothing will be shared outside of the coaching sessions with any other parties. I agree and comply with the Coaching Code of Conduct which you will find on the GRIP website.

Only in extreme circumstances will this confidence be breached, which includes the intent to cause harm yourself or others or criminal acts.


I am registered with the Information Commisoner’s Office (ICO) and you will find my Privacy Statement in respect of handling personal data on the GRIP website.


What does the Coach need from me during our time working together?

To ensure that you get the most out of your time with me please be prepared to arrive on time for each scheduled session, and ready to prioritise, and focus, on you.


Take at least 10 minutes before each session to find an environment where you will not be disturbed or distracted, to settle your mind and to relax before we begin. During this time, think about what you want to achieve and consider the goal you would like to work on.


Please come to each session with a drink, a pen and paper, and your diary, plus any other items you think will be useful for you.


I will need your permission to challenge you, to ask you questions to expand your thinking, and to interrupt you if I think you are not supporting yourself to achieve your goals with the current area of discussion, or we’re running out of time in the session.


I will need you to commit to your own goals, and actions, and to act outside of our sessions to enable progress.


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